Sunday, 30 September 2012

Running experience in Oman, OMAN : 2012

I have always dreamed that one day, I will run along the Omani "Fjords" and the "Grand Canyon of Arabia" (Wadi Ghul). Thanks to my wife’s support, I managed to have some photographs taken while running to and fro along the canyon rims of the stunning Wadi Ghul (250 km away from Muscat). She kept up with me admirably on an almost invincible track which was exposed to breathtaking vertical cliffs of 1,000 m!! We had a fantastic time exploring the whole area, which was totally deserted at the time when we were there. 

The following day, I woke up before the break of dawn to climb (run) on my own to the highest summit of this amazing country at the imposing Jebel Shams 3,075 m. Despite having to concentrate on a very difficult terrain for running (sharp stones scattered all over the mountain without a proper track), I managed to stop at several points to take some photographs of the spectacular scenes which unfolded before my eyes. Here are some of them : 

After a pleasant 20 C on the summit, we drove back to Muscat and stopped at a place called Bandar Jissah for another unforgettable run along the "fjords" of this area. This time, the temperature was 38 C with humidity of almost 100%, but it was totally worth every single drop of my heavy sweat as the place was simply spectacular ;-)!!

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